Thursday, September 30, 2010

The start of the disestablishment of the Philippine Catholic Church

I am a staunch supporter of the disestablishment of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. By disestablishment, I mean the Church will relinquish all pretensions to political power and by doing so, she becomes closer to the will of her founder, Jesus Christ.

Well it seems that She is headed that way even if her bishops don't think it that way. By calling for civil disobedience on the RH (Reproductive Health) Bill, the bishops enjoin Catholics to "obey God first rather than the Government". If we were in Tudor England, such a statement is treasonous.

I don't think a majority of Catholics will follow the bishops. After all, hardly anyone believes using artificial contraception is a matter of proscribing the faith.  In short people will think it is daft to go into civil disobedience over a condom!  This whole call for civil disobedience will be a guaranteed flop.  Unfortunately the whole idea of contraception according to Catholic teaching offends morals.

The Church will now have to do what it should have done before. Stop politically threatening the State and start catechizing the faithful more aggressively. The RH Bill does not force any Catholic to use artificial contraceptives. In fact their is no sanction for doing so. The positive action is for the Church to put even more effort in promoting natural methods of fertility regulation. This is a choice too in the RH Bill.

As for Archbishop Oscar Cruz saying on TV that "anti Noynoy people will join the anti RH Catholics", I believe he is doing the anti RH movement a disservice and confounds the moral objections with political objection to the Aquino administration. By saying this he thinks all  anti Noynoy people are as dumb as he is!

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