Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bishop Nereo Odchimar should resign!

 No amount of CBCP spin doctoring can repair the damaged credibility of the Philippine Catholic Church with the rest of the Universal Church after CBCP president Bishop Nereo Odchimar unleashed the "e" word (excommunication) in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The Philippine Church is now the laughingstock of the whole Catholic world!  This will not amuse His Holiness at all! Odchimar speculated on the grounds that the President of the Philippines could be excommunicated for doing his Constitutional duties. For that irresponsible statement,  he should resign his position. Pinoy Catholics should  ask the Holy Father Benedict XVI to translate him to a titular see. He deserves to be the Archbishop of Leptis Magna and he can excommunicate Muammar Kadaffy for all we care.


bleusmon said...

Where on earth did you get that idea? Don't you know how excommunication works?

Don't you know that the bishop doesn't excommunicate anyone? A Catholic excommnicates himself, and the bishop merely informs him that he's done so.

If you think Benedict will be unhappy with this bishop, then you are as ignoramnt about the pope as you are about excommunication.

You appear to be another pseudo-Catholic progressive stylin' for everyone to see how outraged you are.

But actually you need to grow up or get out.

Ben Vallejo said...

Excuse me Bleusmom. A bishop has to issue an excommunication decree. If you are a traddie, then read up on your canon law.

However, Odchimar was irresponsible enough to mention excommunication for an act that has not yet been committed. This shows bad pastoral sense.

The Odchimar's attitude is way different from the Pope.

Catholics can disagree on their bishops bad judgment in good conscience for this is not a point of doctrine. And you have no right to call people who disagree in this matter pseudo Catholics. You exhibit bad pastoral sense too.