Thursday, December 02, 2010

Cutting down losses and doing a King Canute, Assange as a Blofeld?

The Philippine Catholic Church hierarchy says it will fight the RH bill to the very end. A church spokesman has publicly  said that the pollsters should stop polling on public support for the RH bill. I think this is a desperate move and the institutional Church should accept that the RH bill will be eventually passed with significant public support. The Church should have had a rude  awakening by now that Excommunication can't sway public views and that it should engage with Filipino secular society in a more constructive way. The Church should cut down its losses and stop trying to prevent the secular waves from wetting its feet!

The problem is that the RH bill is seen more as a social, economic and political issue rather than a moral one. This is not to say that the RH bill has no moral dimension (all human acts have) but the Church should shift the battle from stopping the RH bill from being passed to catechizing Catholics even better on this issue.

The best exemplar of how to do this is none other than Papa Ratzinger himself! The Pope would rather "propose" rather "impose" and above all shows charity! Catechism is not an imposition but a proposal on how a Christian life should be lived. It is up to the catechized to accept the offer.


Wikileaks top honcho, Australia's "greatest ex-hacker" Julian Assange is in my opinion, being made into a real life Blofeld (of James Bond villain fame!) by what else, but the US of A which is smarting from the release of secret embassy communications that expose its conduct on the various wars the country has been involved in. The Interpol put him on its Red List for sex offences.

However Assange is no Blofeld. He is much more like the rouge James Bond that Ian Fleming characterized! His present whereabouts is not known but he pops out here and there. And the whole idea of secrecy is turned over its head. From now on in the kind of world we are in, there cannot be a Central Intelligence. Watch out Beijing and Pyongyang! You cannot hind behind the internet bamboo great wall with people like Assange around. With the latest Wikileak, Iran's ambitions have been revealed and Ahamadinejad had to do damage spin control and Israel's PM Ben Netanyahu crows "We told you so!"

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