Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Does anyone really have his own money?

Jesus Christ is known to have only held money once in the whole Gospel and it wasn't his own, it was from one of the crowd who was trying to frame him! The coin had the Image of Caesar and Jesus said it belonged to the Emperor and not to him!

In contrast, Judas held the Apostles moneybags and probably held money every day. In the end it is the money that did him in!

And so do we really have our own money? The Catholic Catechism says that money is for the universal destination of human goods (and that means for the good of all as God willed it to be). This is my take on the President's defenders when they say that if he used his own money to buy a Porsche then that is his own business.

I believe that many people who share that view are Catholics who go to Mass. Well I have to say that your money is like your life, it isn't yours to keep forever.

The reason why God allowed cash to be is that it should be for God's purpose just like your life. The only difference is that if you keep money and hold on to it, you will lose it. With life once it is freely given and lost, only then it is gained.

And that is the gist of the Gospel. Every transaction we make has a social dimension. We have to order these according to the will of the Creator. Your life belongs to God and your Money to the BSP. But as Dorothy Day once said if we realize that, the truth is everything belongs to God, there is nothing left for Caesar or the BSP!

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