Saturday, January 15, 2011

Noynoy gets a Porsche

The Palace announced that the President bought a 3rd hand Porsche by trading in his old BMW. The Palace carefully notes that the President used his own money and not that of the public coffers. This is quite refreshing to learn.

However the whole buy and sell affair has become the butt of jokes. Wags have posted the following

  1. Better to have a 3rd hand car than a 3rd hand wife!
  2. Shalani can afford a brand new car and a brand new man!
  3. Would a nice girl want to get into a 3rd hand car?
But let the man have his car! I'd say.

Defenders of the President say that if he used his own money then it is none of our business.

But Mr Aquino told all of us that we have to live simply. I wish I could afford a Porsche but I can only amortize for a Toyota! And for that I have to live simply and with increasing gas prices, even more simply!

Some observers say that Mr Aquino is sending a wrong signal. I would agree since his mother faced also  an almost bankrupt treasury and she did not upgrade her Presidential car as an example and this was a security concern for the PSG. She sent a consistent signal to her constituents.

It was only during the term of her successor Mr Fidel V Ramos did the Presidency get a new car.

The problem is that the President's defenders and the President himself still haven't got the drift that as a Malacanang tenant, his private life becomes a public life!

And for goodness sake, Mrs Michelle Obama's cookies served in the White House to her guests (which she pays for with her own money) is enough fodder for the press! More so with her clothes (which she also pays for with her own money)!

Mrs Obama won't comment on her cookies and neither would her husband.

When will Noynoy get what it really means to be President?

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stuart-santiago said...

"When will Noynoy get what it really means to be President?" yes that is really the question. so far, he doesn't get it.