Sunday, January 16, 2011

When your Sign is changed!

A lot of Pinoys (and many other people worldwide) had an adverse reaction when they learned that their Zodiac sign changed. Thanks to the Minnesota Planetarium Society, blurbs reported that there is a "new" Zodiac sign named Ophiucus or the Serpent bearer! According to the society, the Earth's precession or wobbling of its axis made the dates of the Zodiac signs move forward by a month. So some Pisceans like me became Aquarians, some Geminis became Taurus, some Scorpions became Librans etc. The worst cut was for the Scorpions whose time in the Gregorian calendar was cut to 7 days!

This is as close what 21st century society will get to having people's religious affiliation changed without their consent! While many of us don't take astrology that seriously (take note of the word "that"), we still read those horoscopes! It is part of the Pinoy identity to identify oneself with a Zodiac sign. Filipino children are told their Zodiac sign at an early age. I got my Pisces baby shoes at 1! Some people wear their "Saguitarius" tees with pride!

And what would you call those born under the sign of Ophiuchus? Ophiucians? Ophiuroids? Well that sign can be called too by its Latin name Serpentarius! Serpentarian from London's Serpentine sounds nice!

No wonder I am upset! I now share the Aquarius sign with my sister!

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