Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ten reasons why Bongbong Marcos and a lot of Pinoys are delusional about what Singapore is

Here are some reasons why the Philippines under any president be that may be The Great Apo Ferdie, Santa Corazon de Aquino, General "Daimos" Tabako, Asiong "Erap" Salonga,  the Gloria in Excelsis Arroyo and the Noynoy the PNoy, will never be another Singapore as long as we don't get out of our delusions.

We have to remind Senator Bongbong Marcos that in Singapore

  1. They send people to jail or the gallows if convicted and the appeals process has run out. There is true Rule of Law in Singapore. In Flor Contemplacion's case there was no "consideration for a friend". Walang kai-kaibigan sa Singapore! And that is why Singapore is less corrupt than China! A "pasaway" American teen gets caned for vandalism and so does a Brit! And so Americans respect Singapore laws. If an American GI did a Corporal Smith there, he would have been detained not at the American Embassy but in the new Changi prison.
  2. They fine people who deserve to be fined, bubble gum chewers, toilet non-flushers and jaywalkers alike (walang pakiusap sa Singapore!)
  3. Mrs Lee Kuan Yew never owned 400 pairs of shoes. She was a lawyer like her husband but never had any ambitions of becoming Governor of Metropolitan Singapore or Minister of Human Singaporean Settlements! When she passed away last year at age 89, Singaporeans and Malaysians had nothing bad to say about her.
  4. Singapore has the most open economy in ASEAN. We never had heard of insider trading there unlike in Ayala and Ortigas! They also collect the right taxes in Singapore.
  5. Nothing political is preached by religious ministers. At Mass, priests preach only the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Walang obispo na nagbabanta mag-excommunicate doon ng politiko dahil sa policy ng pamahalaan kungdi kulong siya!
  6. Singaporean universities have the facilities to make learning attractive and competitive.
  7. The President of Singapore has the power to check on the Prime Minister's spending. Now who in the Philippines can check on how Malacanang spends the people's tax money?
  8. No one has seen the Prime Minister of Singapore release stress by driving a Porsche. But people have seen the PM take the subway! Prime Minister "BG" Lee releases stress, I was told by Singaporean friends, in the gym! Besides the idea of the PM driving a Porsche even if he can afford it with his own money, is in extremely poor taste.
  9. Public servants are the best renumerated employees. Thus there is no attraction for "pabaon" If they take "pabaon" they end up in Changi prison.
  10. Citizens have to serve in the Singapore Armed Forces to defend their country. Defending the nation is a duty and not something to avoid.
And so we have to greet our Singaporean friends "well done!" 

And may I add, People Power is unlikely in Singapore!


Ken said...

Also very manageable ang population nila. Ilang milyon lang. But do you really want to go back to having an iron fisted controlled population? Balik Martial Law?

Ben Vallejo said...

No, we don't want Martial Law, but the Rule of Law.

And that really does exist in Singapore!