Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten reasons why EDSA 1986 is A MAJOR FLOP!

  1. None of the Marcoses have seen the view through the window of a jail cell but can look at the view from the Batasan and Senate office windows!
  2. The Cojuangcos still own a hacienda!
  3. There are still VALID reasons for Joma Sison to pontificate even after Communism has been thrown into the trash bin everywhere!
  4. Media, power and industry oligarchies are back. And they dupe their workers. Workers not getting their due. They also bleed the people in power rates!
  5. The 1987 Constitution
  6. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo takes the Presidency from Erap at the EDSA Shrine. The 1987 Constitution is thus stabbed fatally.
  7. Corrupt generals having "pabaon" while the AFP doesn't have decent air, naval and land forces assets.
  8. Congress
  9. Vietnam outpacing us economically. Remember they got pounded by the US of A. 
  10. Noynoy Aquino was elected on mom and dad's platform. And the government becomes like a badly run student council!

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Jego said...

When Chou El Lai was asked if he thought the French Revolution was a success, he replied: "It's too soon to tell."