Friday, February 11, 2011

Two February tragedies

The death of General Angelo Reyes should be viewed within the context of the EDSA phenomenon which spawned the current political system we have. This system is showing the inherent decay of this system.

General Reyes has been truly eaten by EDSA II. The moment he stepped on the platform of the EDSA shrine and guaranteed the ascendancy of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, he sealed his destiny. But I wonder if he had foreseen that the EDSA II 'revolution" will eventually digest him?

The Macapagal-Arroyo years while it brought improvements in Philippine society has sealed its place in history as probably the most corrupt government Filipinos ever had.

The tragedy is that a then promising young and competent officer like Angelo Reyes was eventually digested by the corrupting  and digestive acids of the EDSA constitutional system. Thus it is a about time we cease celebrating EDSA and work for a revolutionary arrangement in which we have a new constitution and a new political settlement. If Noynoy Aquino is just daring enough, he could have started this. This revolutionary arrangement can easily be achieved even within the present constitutional arrangements. Mrs Cory Aquino could have done it 25 years ago, but she failed.

But Noynoy Aquino while not being digested by the EDSA spawned body politic, he is in the process of being embalmed by it. The Porsche could be his political funeral hearse if he doesn't wake up!

And this is greater and more horrible tragedy for the Filipino nation.

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