Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Noynoy Aquino grows up, finally (to the dignity of his office)!

The blurbs have it that President Noynoy Aquino sold his Porsche. He says it puts undue "risk" to his security detail. It's about time that the President develops a sense about the office he was elected into. Besides he wasn't elected against his will!

The Porsche ended up as a PR disaster and caused the President's approval ratings to crash and burn. The Juana Change spoof tells it all

But despite the Palace apologists saying that he used his own money to buy, the question is what on earth will he use it for? This is the same question is now thrown at the "Pajero bishops" of the Catholic Church!

He was reported to need it for "stress release" and the rumor mill started to grind. The "tsismis" mill said that he releases stress and the accelerator on deserted Hacienda Luisita roads. Any idiot would know that it would be easy to make the Porsche crash by 1) putting a roadblock without reflectors, 2) put a pipe laying type of digging, and 3) Have a grazing cow or carabao cross the road! It is just fitting that the President should stop putting his safety at risk. Or else someone Dark and Politically astute will automatically inherit the Presidential seal!

But it puzzles me and many people why the President took one year to realize the importance of his office. Most Presidents realize it immediately after taking the Presidential Oath. Noynoy is no longer a private citizen even if he has private money!

I hope Mr Noynoy Aquino is NOT our version of the medieval King of England named Ethelred the Unready, whose failure of governance due to personal whim and fancy is synonymous with incompetence.

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